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Each case contains 1 bottle of each:


Brave (Cab Franc/Cab Sauv/Merlot)

Scared is what you feel, BRAVE is what you do! Grown in the Helderberg Vineyard - right next to Somerset West. Decomposed granitic soil down the mountain at 190 meters above sea level protected against the South Easter. The grapes were picked at optimal ripeness and cooled overnight to 4 degrees celsius. The next morning the grapes were destemmed to open top fermenters. The juice underwent spontaneous fermentation and stayed on the skins for as long as possible. Pressed into French oak small barrels - 40% new oak, 18 months in barrel, blended and bottled.


Orbitofrontal 2022 (Best White)

The best white blend from the winemaker's cellar according to his conscious mind, which is called (named after the scientific name for the part of your brain where conscious decisions are made) - Inspired by LIMBIC 2015 (a wine from my subconscious). A blend off - Piekenierskloof Grenache blanc, Swartland Clairette Blanche, Swartland Fernão Pires, Elgin Semillon and Voor Paardeberg Verdelho.


Pseudonym 2022 (Cinsault)

Pseudonym is made from a small 68-year old little vineyard. It grows in a little valley into the mountain in Darling. Seeing that it is the only food source around, the birds eat the grapes every year. The farmer could never use the valley for something else, so he kept the vineyard. When the grapes eventually ripened, there wouldn’t be much left to harvest. He would then pick the bits and throw it with the other grapes from the farm headed for the big co-operative winery. This was what had happened for 64 years. I asked him if we could cover the whole vineyard with bird nets, I bought the nets and he gave the labour. It was at the age of 65 when, for the first time, a wine was made exclusively from that little vineyard.


Searching for l'Estrange 2022 (Palomino/Verdelho)

A whole-bunch, clay pot, bees-waxy Palomino. The wine is true to it’s name - (L’E) STRANGE! It's made from humble Palomino, which originated in the Sherry producing areas of Spain. The cuttings were brought to the African continent by ship and planted in 1965 on the mountain in Piekenierskloof. The 54-year old bush-vine vineyard, grown in African soil was made in African pots made from Limpopo clay, enhanced by the wax of African bees producing honey from African flora - meticulously guided, bottled and labelled by the colourful hands of the African people.


Autumn Equinox 2022 (Weisser Riesling/Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc)

A resurrected wine, as it was called DOK in a previous life - made from an assemblage of Semillon, 30% Riesling and 25% Sauvignon Blanc. Aged in amphoras and old wood for a year, it's sappy, intense and very stony, with pear, lemon zest and lanolin notes and layers of intrigue and complexity.


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